Top 7 Instagram Trends for 2021 that can Shape your Social Media Strategy

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Instagram ceases to be an ordinary social platform. With its highly interactive and commercial features, it has become an economic engine that can fuel the growth of small and big brands alike. Its increasing popularity makes it imperative for entrepreneurs to keep abreast with Instagram's latest trends.

Hi, I’m Ashish Dalia and as the CEO of IKF- I Knowledge Factory, the digital marketing company in Pune, I’ll take you through some of the upcoming Instagram marketing trends that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

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7 Instagram Trends of 2021 to look out for

1) Instagram stories will not go away any time soon

Since their launch in 2016, the Instagram stories turned out to be a hit, attracting millions of active daily users. More and more brands are using Stories frequently to stay connected with their targeted audience. It is being viewed as one of the best platforms to cross promote content and reach a wider audience. With interactive features and interesting functionalities like music and multi-layout collages, it’s quite evident that Stories are here to stay. So, update your Instagram stories regularly to boost your engagement & conversions.

2) Instagram Reels likely to get more popular

Instagram Reels that allows users to make short, 15-second videos, was launched in August 2020. Sharing its similarities with the much hyped tiktok, Reels is expected to become one of the biggest instagram trends in 2021.

The ban on tiktok in India, has made it all the more attractive for the TikTokers seeking an alternative. In fact, the trend is already evident with statistics showing that the average time spent on Instagram by users in India has grown 3.5 percent since Reels was launched.

3) Instagram Live will continue to rule

Going by the latest stats, the usage of Instagram Live rose sharply during the lockdown period. As people looked for ways to replace in-person activities, brands and creators also hopped on the bandwagon for live videos.From entertainment hours to virtual protests, yoga classes and educational tutorials, Instagram Live sessions included everything.

As we enter into a new year, the trend of Instagram Live is likely to further foster online connections. Offering social media marketing in Mumbai and Pune, IKF believes in leveraging this trend to grab follower’s attention, build brand awareness and increase your sales. If you haven’t started using Instagram Live for business yet, now is the time!

4) In App Instagram shopping will reinforce its presence

As Instagram is rolling out several shopping features, it can serve as a revenue earning platform for e-commerce business. And, with over 130 million users tapping to view Instagram shopping tags on photos each month, this is definitely a strategy to look forward to. Infact, with online shoppers spending greater time on Instagram, in-app shopping is expected to trend more strongly on Instagram in 2021.

5) More gifs, tweets and other cross platform content will invade Instagram

More cross platform content including memes, gifs and other videos similar to tik tok will continue to storm into instagram feeds. The rising demand for such contents proves that this trend on Instagram is likely to stick around in 2021. With parent company Facebook’s latest plans to integrate the massive GIF library into Instagram and other Facebook apps, it is clear that format will longer be a limiting factor for the Instagram users.

6) AR powered filters will enhance social shopping

With nearly a billion people already using AR filters on Instagram, it’s no surprise that it’s becoming a mainstream marketing tool. Brands leverage the technology to provide customers with a real shopping experience. Be it cosmetics companies allowing users to select the different make-up shades or apparel stores letting consumers “try on” different outfits without the need to even see them in person, AR filters are expected to be one of the top Instagram trends in 2021.

7) IGTV will continue to hog the limelight

Last but certainly not the least on the list of Instagram trends 2021 is the growing adoption of IGTV (Instagram TV). With Instagram allowing ads on long-form video, the content creators get an opportunity not only to boost their brand awareness through engaging videos but also make money off the ad opportunities. What more, Instagram is all geared to bring in more IGTV expansions and features which will gain momentum in the coming times.

Final Thoughts

With these trends making headway in the social media world, you should be armed with adequate info to craft an effective Instagram marketing strategy.

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