Top 10 Tips to Market Your Business Online

4 min read

In today’s competitive business scenario, online marketing becomes your mantra for success. However innovative or affordable your product or service may be, if people don’t come to know that it exists, then the chance of it achieving sales targets will be relatively low.

The internet serves as a worldwide net for you to create awareness – the first step for marketing success. That is exactly why you need to re look at your internet marketing strategy with a sharp eye. Here are some pointers that will guide you to do just that.

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1. SEO your content

Optimizing your content for the search engines, with the right keywords, will ensure it ranks high on the search results page when people use the same words. More traffic means more visitors to the website, which more awareness, which will translate to more business for your brand.

2. An attractive website

A well-designed website is the one that is both attractive and user friendly – one that will create a great first impression on every visitor.

3. Put up attractive social media profiles

With so much clutter on the net, it is difficult to know which business is legit. So what’s happening today is: people tend to check social media profiles when they come across anyone or any brand that interests them. It is a great way to reassure people that yours is a legit business that they can trust.

4. Make email lists mandatory

Building an email list of prospective customers is a must – a ready made list that you can dig into anytime to add to your customer base. Try to make it interesting by giving incentives on signing up for your email list. After all, a person who joins your email list today may very well become your customer tomorrow. Also keep them engaged by sending them content that appeals to them on a consistent basis.

5. Go for other channels as well to sell your product

Don’t depend solely on one medium to sell your product or service. The more channels you use to market, the more chances will have of increasing sales. There are huge online communities today like amazon, ebay or others where you can enlist as a seller for more visibility for your product.

6. Get on Facebook Live and other streaming sites

This could very well be what you are looking for to make people notice your brand faster in the over-cluttered world of the internet. Going on LIVE will increase your chances of connecting with your target audience manifold.

7. Conducting Webinars from time to time

Taking online workshops will greatly enhance your credibility and project you as an authority in your field. Go for it.

8. A viral giveaway is a good option

Your giveaway must have a viral component. Give an incentive (could be points) to people who share your viral. If the viral is truly interesting, you may be pleasantly surprised with your business going full throttle within a few days.

9. Approach ex customers for referrals

This could be a good way to impress people as it has the benefit of adding credibility. Most people will believe what you say more than any advertisement.

10. A recorded video about your product or service

People love to watch videos. Moreover, it will also save time for your customers, as in just a few minutes you will be able to inform them about your brand. Plus the video can also be used as a marketing collateral.

Breaking the online clutter has become imperative for brands to enhance their visibility and connect with the target audience. That is why each of the above angles must be analyzed and put into action to increase online presence. These should be initiated by every brand, however big or small. IKF can assist you to take your branding and digital strategies a notch higher, call 8888866110 or email on