Top Web Design Trends in 2017

3 min read

Web designing is the crucial part of any website. It creates the first impression in the mind of the viewer, reflecting the personality of the company. These designs need to be dynamic; keeping the visitors hooked and should feel the urge to visit again. Some of the designs to watch out for in 2017 have been listed

  1.   Card design and grid layouts were started by Pinterest and have been used by many others. It is a convenient and organized way of presenting the content on a website. It can be made more interesting by adding of relevant pictures.
  2.    High quality and authentic photography which is real and candid leaves a lasting impression. Showcasing some such photographs within the initial seconds of opening the website can create a different impact.
  3. Bold typography is catching up fast in the web designing arena. The rest of the page kept simple and in monocolour is best complimented with bold letters highlighting the aim of the company. Other details are kept at the bare minimum.
  4.   Cinema graphs like videos or GIFs which could run smoothly on loops are also trending. They have a power to tell a story, influence the viewer and keep them engaged.
  5.   Illustration and graphic arts or even doodle depending on the product can be used to grab attention. It is entertaining and can be informative about the product/service. Relevant pictures can be displayed through the graffiti/doodle.
  6. Mixing of vertical and horizontal text is a trend seen more lately. It breaks the monotony of a web page by adding zing to it.
  7.  Asymmetry is a more welcome format these days; firms are opting for asymmetry and relating the same to philosophy at times. Especially the beauty industry emphasizing on uniqueness of each person and hence, a different product for each one uses such designs. It lets the viewer feel more comfortable and approachable towards the webpage.
  8.   Decorative websites appear cute and elegant at a glance. The content is kept simple highlighting the décor. This is again preferred by clothing and lifestyle product/services businesses.
  9.   Modular designs are here to stay for long. It is a foolproof way to create a clean accessible website that keeps visitors interested.
  10.  AI powered bots – AI and chat bots are all the rage now a days. AI is being applied in many businesses and industries and we can see it growing in unique industries. It is a website builder that uses Artificial Intelligence in a conversational interface and has color adapting themes which seem to be a wonderful technology.

Artificial intelligence is the new tech trend and with the introduction of Chabot, it aims to provide next level of seamless online experience.
From authentic photography to vertical and horizontal text, AI powered bots to bold typography, these design trends will sure to dominate web design in 2017. Not to mention, these design trends will most definitely be seen on some of the best website designs yet to come.