How to Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine?

4 min read

Congratulations! Your website looks impressive! It has great color amalgamations, astounding pictures, and overall a good feel.
But, there is a small problem. Why am I not getting any sales or enquires?
But, then you would say that there are visitors which would automatically turn into sales. You can’t be so wrong. Just review the statistics and you will get a clearer picture. There are around 100 visitors, that’s nice but only 2 of them are converted.
Turning your website into a sales machine does not require rocket science but neither is that simple. Sure you can add a ‘Click Here to Know More’ button but it’s more than that.
There are relatively simple solutions which should be executed properly to get the desired results. So firstly, it should be understood that there are different types of visitors. Not all the visitors are same. Every person who comes to your website has a different psychology.
Here are some things that we could decode:

  • The Browsers (the curious types)

They are the ones that are distracted by pictures.

  1. Use strong copy lines
  2. Provide special offers to allure them. Educate them
  3. Get them signed up for your newsletter
  • The Accidentals

Just collect information but have no intention of buying or doing business.

  1. Work on the keyword phrases
  2. Study their browsing patterns
  3. Provide something out of the box
  • The Shoppers

They are the ones who are ready to handover their credit card to you.

  1. Use strong call-to-actions
  2. Build creditability and trust
  3. Make their experience easy one

Here is a list of some simple updates that you would require to make your website a huge impact on customer attraction, retention and brand loyalty.

  1. Understand your market

Do a thorough analysis to understand your prospective market. Create an elevator pitch. You should also focus on establishing a strong persona of your brand. Also do extensive research of your market.

  1. Use responsive web design

This is a relatively common factor. As majority of user’s access sites from multiple devices a responsive design provides a consistent user experience to the visitor. Imagine that a prospective customer is not able to access a website from his mobile or tab it may happen that he will lose his interest altogether.

  1. Add video content

Our brains process visual information faster than text. So, instead of long text opt for engaging and dynamic videos where a visitor can remain for a long time on your website. Videos on your landing page can increase the conversion rates.

  1. Think usability

Make your navigation intuitive and easy. Let the visitor find what they want without having to spend a lot of time searching for it. Provide useful links. Incorporate visual hierarchy. Let the visitor see the most important thing first.

  1. Write to influence

Use simple but strong content. Avoid typical jargons and buzzwords. Use power words which will create the necessary impact. Be clever in your marketing strategy. Make use of the AIDA principle (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).Use amazing headlines. Have interesting blogs for people to read.

  1. Presentation

A proper presentation is the first impression. Use a professional but readable typo. A confusing typo is a big dampener. Avoid cluttering of images and text. Make wise use of white space. Choose a suitable color combination in sync with your product/service.

  1. Build a trust

Demonstrate your expertise in such a way that it builds client confidence. Have testimonials and reviews. Provide contact details and links to your social media pages. Avoid the small grammar mistakes.

  1. CTA button

Your CTA button should be prominent. Use actionable words which will help you get a prospective client. Add a hint of personal touch to it.

  1. Test-Measure-Repeat

Use a good Google analytic code. Perform different tests, carefully check and analyze the results.

  1. Finally, don’t be a in a huge hurry to revamp the website. It won’t happen overnight. Study the weak areas one at a time and collect the relevant data.

On a concluding note we would like to add that it’s all about your target market and you. The most important thing to keep in mind is your customer. Making your website easily accessible is the key to increasing your sales and revenue.
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