21 Questions You Must Know Before You Set Out to Launch Digitally

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Today every business whether small, medium or big sized needs to have a website. A website can help you with a lot of perspectives like leveraging your company’s potentials on social medium platforms through digital branding and marketing techniques like SEO, SMM, SEM etc.
We live in an era where every business opportunity and offering can’t do without a digital footprint. In case you thought building an image is only through your products worth, having a website serves as the face of your company and builds a robust reputation on your behalf.
Before you go ahead with the concept of website designing for your company, ask yourself these imperative questions to progress with total confidence.

  1. What would be the official name of your website?
  2. Does the name of the website and the business give an inkling to a prospective searcher?
  3. Do you have a logo or would you like to design a new logo?
  4. For what purpose do you need the website?
  5. Do you have any vision statement or tagline that you would like to align with your brand name?
  6. What kind of visitors do you want to have for your website?
  7. What kind of outcome are you expecting from the website?
  8. What kind of business do you have or what kind of product or services do you offer?
  9. What category does your business fall into?
  10. Do you have any existing website? If yes provide the URL.
  11. If you have an existing website would you like to have the same structure for the new website?
  12. What are the main links/sections of the website that you would like to highlight?
  13. Would you like to have the drop down menus rather than having the static display icon pages?
  14. What type of elements would you like to have on your home page?
  15. Are there any elements that you would like to specifically like to highlight on all the pages of your website?
  16. Is there any specific style that you would like to have for your website?
  17. Is there any functionality of any other website that you have liked?
  18. Can you refer to any website which caters to the same audience as yours but is not your competitor?
  19. Do you have any color specifications?
  20. Do you have any images that should be put up on the website or would you like us to find some relevant images from shutter stock or related stock image sites?
  21. Is there anything else that you would like to tell the team?

Steve Jobs always questioned his co-workers or team members, of why they did their jobs in a certain way. Similarly, a lot of thought and articulation goes behind forming a website. If you can answer the above questionnaire, you are good to go for the task.
These would be the guidelines for an agency/company that you would be hiring to do your website design & development. If you are thinking about this right now, it is time we connect on mailto:sales@ikf.co.in or call us on: +91-888 886 6110.
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