Website Maintenance: Why it is more important than ever

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They say the path to reaching the top is difficult but what is even more difficult is maintaining your stay there! That is so true. This maxim is also applicable in the world of digital marketing. As a website maintenance company, we know this for a fact that making a website entails hard work, brainstorming, and sometimes long hours. But here's another fact that we'd like all our clients and readers to know—website maintenance is super crucial to the performance, security, and overall health of your website. Do not brush it off thinking it's just something extraneous or unnecessary.

Website maintenance is important to not just keep your website going efficiently but to also attract and retain new customers. Your spot on the SERPs also needs to be checked timely as there are many who are scrambling for your spot and your inability to update will cause you to topple over.

We know you don't want your traffic to nosedive and your performance take a hit. Here are some more reasons that will convince you why website maintenance is crucial—

Reason #1: Just like technology is burgeoning, hacking is spreading its tentacles in ways we didn't know

That's right. Maintaining tight security of your website has become more crucial than ever. In this day and age of technology where people are sharing their personal and sensitive details on websites, it is becoming a serious matter of concern for companies to keep said information safe and secure. If your website is not updated, it's a soft and easy target for hackers. And mind you—hackers don't just attack big websites but will infect whatever that they can get their tentacles into. From robbing your bandwidth to bitcoin mining to anything detrimental to you and your customers.


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Reason #2: A stale website casts a wrong impression

Imagine this—you shoot an emailer informing your customers and vendors about the new products you have launched and share your website's link with it. However, when they open the link, they don't see the mentioned new products but the same old product range more than half of which is now non-existent. What do you think it communicates about you? Certainly not good. It's not a pleasant experience for a user to be led to a page where they don't find the information they were promised. We are sure you don't want to subject the visitors coming to your website to an experience like this.

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website maintenance company, website maintenance company in Pune

Reason #3: Acquiring new customers is easier said than done so focusing on retaining the existing ones is a good plan

Yes. The best way to do so is by publishing blog posts and newsletters on your website. By doing that, you are not only keeping your website up-to-date but also providing your existing customers with the requisite information they need.

Reason #4: Google has a thing for fresh content

This is a universal fact. Google and other leading search engines are forever on the lookout for websites that have fresh content just like that freshly brewed coffee you enjoy every morning! By doing so, you also get the chance to incorporate new keywords thereby paving the way for a top spot on Google.

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Reason #5: Procrastination will cost you an arm and a leg

At some point, when a grave problem strikes and threatens to turn your website topsy turvy—you will eventually turn to your website maintenance company in Pune for help. While they will very much help you, that help, however, will come at an increased cost and time. That's because when you choose to ignore updating your website on time and let it drag far too long—you accrue a sticky marsh in which you keep sinking deeper and deeper every day. For the website company to pull you out from it—they will need to put in more efforts on coding and module.

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Reason #6: Because people are crazy for speed

This is one of the most discussed points in our blog posts but despite being indispensable, many still don't realize so. It has been proved time and again by authorities like Google itself that websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load are offloaded! Speed of your website is directly linked with your search rankings and conversions so we hope you now realize why it's so necessary.

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Our aim at IKF is to help our clients stay at the top of their game by ensuring that their website is hitting on all cylinders and bringing them the desired results. If you wish to know more about our website maintenance service, please feel free to call us +91 88888 66110 or email us at and we'll be more than happy to assist.