We baked up some delicious organic results for an Italian confectioner.

50% of all the keywords Bauli ranked for are visible in the top 5 result page of Google. Plus, Bauli also sees 33.82% increase in number of Organic Traffic, 31.63% increase in sessions and 28.97% increase in Page views.


Bauli is a leading Italian confectionary brand known for their heavenly croissants that are lovingly made with traditional Italian recipe. One of the most sought-after names in the Italian bakery scene, Bauli has a robust presence in 70 countries across 5 continents. With a clear plan of expanding its base in the South-East Asian market, the brand set up a manufacturing facility in India.


When Bauli launched their manufacturing facility in India, their prime goal was to create brand awareness. Our brief was to devise a strong SEO strategy which revolved around boosting the brand's organic visibility with a focus to rank for their top target keywords on popular search engines within 3 months.


Our seasoned team of SEO specialists applied their technical expertise and data-focused methodology to Bauli's organic search strategy. We conducted a step-by-step, thorough website audit to get an idea about how it is performing on search engines and what can be done to up its rankings. We also carried out a competitor analysis to understand the tactics that were being employed by similar players in the bakery industry.

Our team had its sights on high quality, traffic generating keywords that would maximize Bauli's visibility. We worked in close collaboration with Bauli's team from the get-go so that they were in the know about the SEO process that was being followed. The SEO approach we undertook for Bauli was benchmarked against industry standards in order to ensure that the edits and modifications are in keeping with relevant, contemporary trends.

We optimized onsite elements of Bauli's website using activities such as Website Content Review, Keyword Density And Proximity Check, Content Suggestion and Optimization as per the Finalized Keywords, Spell Check, Duplicate Content Fixing, Website Pages Meta Tag Optimization (Title, Description, Keywords) as per the finalized keywords. Web Pages Speed Optimization / Performance Optimization / Load Time, and Image Optimization. All the On-site optimization helped Bauli’s website become more search engine and user friendly and ensured its crawled and indexed correctly.

For tangible organic results, it goes without saying that a holistic approach is required, meaning onsite work needs to be underpinned by off site actions. We built Bauli's offsite presence with Blog posts on High authority web 2.0 platforms, Quora Q/A - Answers, Search Engine Submissions, Social Bookmarking, and Image Submissions. With the help of off-page activities we were able to rank Bauli’s website on 1st page for targeted keywords which helped us drive more relevant and quality organic traffic to the website.

Organic Traffic

Increased by

Number of Sessions

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Page Views

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Through various on page and off page optimization activities, keyword analysis, and research, we were successful in helping Bauli to supercharge their online presence and increase their SEO rankings. To begin with, 5 out of 10 Keywords are visible in top 5 on the 1st page of Google. Within 3 months our search strategy increased organic traffic by 33.82%, Sessions Increased by 31.63%, Page Views Increased by 28.97%, Positive improvements were noted for the remaining generic keywords (who had no mention on the website) as over the course of our strategy, they secured positions in between 30th to 80th Position on Google SERP listing.

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