CoachMantra by Pragati Leadership is India’s leading Coaching brand with a prominent team of industry-expert coaches with qualifications and experience unmatched in the field. Their coaches have varied specializations and come from versatile work backgrounds, delivering custom-tailored coaching experience for every professional’s needs.Corporate coaching program by CoachMantra helps professionals in building a specific bank of tools and strategies designed for the corporate arena. It involves coaching towards organizational goals, focusing on the corporate team along with highlighting the corporate vision, mission, values and strategy. Each coach at CoachMantra playsa critical role in spurring profound change in individuals and teams. They have a unique approach that builds on global best-practices and adds insightful self-analysis to create a lasting impact.


Being located in a commercial hub with multiple establishments and startups making significant contributions to respective industries, CoachMantra wanted to build a strong SEO presence in terms of providing the right coaching mentor for corporates. They wanted to highlight their superior corporate expertise, increase visibility amongst young professionals, executives and managers, and boost organic traffic.

They wanted to stress on the issue of how coaching becomes important for business houses in order to survive in the tough competitive market, by educating audiences about various coaching programs offered by CoachMantra. This was to ensure every audience group understands the valuein taking up Coaching sessions with Coach Mantra, as it is one of the most reputed coaching centers that ensures sustainable and efficient performance of an organization's critical talent.

The entire campaigning was to be done using keywords that targeted the most trending topics in the market, adhering to business coaching, specific training, measurable processes and guidance based on customized individual communication. The rankings were to be increased for all keywords in SERP, along with generating more traffic from each type of keyword.

IKF’s Approach

Being a reputed brand, we first optimized all landing pages of CoachMantra website in order to prepare it for a high-volume traffic. We added various HTML tags, optimized meta data, improved the UI of the entire website to reduce bounce rate, and specially designed footers, to strengthen their brand image value for every website visitor. Along with that, we also created a custom ‘contact-us’ page on the website as they wanted to target professionals from every business vertical and domain, and increase the flow of the course inquiries generated on the website. The website code was optimized to measure calls and email inquiries from the website. The Google My Business profile was also optimized as per requirements.

We used generic-level keywords along with a few India specific keywords. to make the listings rank better for various locations across India, including Pune. The content strategy was developed strictly from an SEO point-of-view. We also worked on revamping existing blogs further increase traffic flows. As we started with our content marketing, we developed a layered approach to topic building which helped us cover all important topics, starting with generic high-level overviews about business coaching, corporate development and organizational goals, and then getting down to specific topics delving into core issues and highlighting their major USPs. The idea for every content piece was developed keeping the latest content trends in mind.


Traffic: Take a look at a comparative analysis of the traffic growth; Within span of 4.5 months, the organic traffic of the website increased by 40.59%, with the new user base increasingby a staggering 43.71%. The web sessions increased by 11.43%.

Keywords Ranking:
After implementing proper SEO campaigns, 70% of the keywords ranked on top 10. While the website was not ranking for any targeted keywords even in top 100 results before our SEO campaigns, we managed to bump up the organic leads volume (out of total online leads) to up to 81.25 %,

They’ve provided detailed advice about how SEO works and show measurable growth SEO brings to our company.


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