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EcoPro is a brand that has taken the modern construction industry by the storm. It is a one-of-a-kind multi-utility building material that has the innate ability to offer structural reliability and a visually appealing look at the same time. It is an extremely versatile product and can be utilized in a number of ways – as a wall partition, as a pre-fab structure, as a wood design plank, and much more. When it comes to environment friendly building materials, nothing can beat EcoPro!


The trickiest part about this project was that the client and their product were completely new to this arena and we had the huge task of building brand equity for them through our website designing skills. Furthermore, another rather substantial challenge for us was that the client wanted a customized content strategy for an engaging brand story.


EcoPro in the initial briefing itself conveyed that they wanted us to build a website that even a layman could navigate through easily. They wished to reach the maximum number of people through their website as they wanted their product to be readily available to anyone looking for an environment friendly alternative to the conventional building materials. Moreover, they also provided us with an insight into the product dimensions, types and other specifications.


While designing the website for EcoPro our team had one thing very clear in their heads – we wanted to amalgamate a smooth browsing experience with an elevated brand storytelling to exhibit EcoPro’s commitment towards quality and the science behind their products. Aside from that, we made sure that the website is user-friendly, responsive on all devices and is primarily focused on the product range with improved navigation options and suitable categories.



The final website built by our team was highly appreciated by the clients and they approved it in the first go itself without any changes. We showcased their image gallery to highlight the varied uses of their product. Apart from that, the website was API integrated, the content made a better impact due to the responsive design. Last but definitely not the least our website offered the users a seamless navigation experience.


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