Onco Life

Onco-Life Cancer Centre is a state of art private hospital in Satara, established in the year 2014 by Mr. Uday Deshmukh. Mr Uday has over 35 years of extensive experience, both, nationally and internationally in the field of Oncology. Onco-Life Cancer Centre is today considered among the top Oncology Centres in the western belt of Maharashtra. It aims to become the topmost in the country. Situated in the picturesque district of Satara, the hospital covers a huge expanse and has 75+ beds, equipments, machinery, a plush cafeteria, etc. The Hospital holds NABH Accredition in the entire district and is awarded by Council of India’, as a recognition for its high standards of quality healthcare as well as operational and management efficiency.


The expectations of the client were pretty straightforward. They wanted Onco-Life Cancer Centre to become known to the people coming from the length and breadth of Maharashtra looking for a safe, technologically advanced, trustworthy and affordable hospital. This hospital is based in the serene surroundings of Satara which is easily approachable in a matter of a few hours from bigger metro cities such as Pune, Kolhapur, Mumbai and others. Also, being at a slightly outskirt location meant a saving of expenses by the hospital which are passed down to the patients in the form of 30-40% reduction in the cost of treatment. Since not many people were aware of such an all round hospital in existance, it was necessary for them to increase their visibility and awareness via the most popular search engine - Google. They wanted to rank high on targeted keywords in Google SERPS and invite organic traffic to their website. Since Onco-Life Cancer Centre treats almost all kinds of cancer along with providing post cancer treatment to normalize the patient, they wanted it to be known to the patients and their families. At Onco-Life Cancer Centre, you get to do all Cancer and post-cancer related tests at one place without the need to go to any other hospital as everything is available in-house.

IKF’s Approach

Getting a clear briefing from the client, we started with optimizing Google My Business listing. We worked on the improvement of blog pages to make it interesting & informative to the user and make them spend more time leading to reduced bounce rate. We researched for the high ranking keywords and optimized the web pages with them. The number one challenge that we faced with Onco-Life was the difficulty in ranking hospital website pages in urban areas like Pune or Mumbai as the hospital is not actually located in Pune or Mumbai but in Satara. Also, there are already established hospitals in urban areas offering cancer treatments since decades. The strategy of interlinking used pages resulted in improved sessions & pageviews. We conducted a detailed website Audit Report and Health Analysis to see if the website needs improvements and optimization. We supported the SEO efforts by creating quality content such as blogs and Quora answers to further improve our rankings. We also implemented industry specific schema markup suggestions.


With all the above mentioned strategies, we were able to push the organic traffic by 84.69% while we also saw a steep increase in new users by 84.98%. Our sessions durations were expanded by a neat 47.27% and the pageviews increased by 7.45%.

Keywords Ranking:
After our full-fledged SEO activity 40% of keywords ranked at top 10.

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