IKF helps a leading leadership training company gain a commanding position on the Google SERP.

Pragati Leadership earns top spots on the SERPs with the help from our SEO specialists. 40% keywords ranked in the top 10, 30% in the top 20, and 30% keywords in the top 50.


Pragati Leadership is a leadership training company that works in close collaboration with organizations across the globe to cultivate, hone, and maximize leadership skills. With a diverse experience spanning three decades, Pragati Leadership has successfully played the role of an enabler and partnered with over 800 organizations to propel leaders to build sustainable businesses.


Pragati Leadership engaged our help to increase their visibility, organic traffic, and brand awareness on Google.co.in. They also wanted us to work a strategy that would bolster their position on the SERPS and create awareness about the leadership development program.


Our SEO team carried out a full technical website audit to see if there were any factors that were negatively impacting the client's website. We found that for the web pages to deliver published content faster and perform better across various devices, most importantly on the mobile, they needed to be redesigned and optimized, which we did so by implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

We researched high search volume keywords and included them strategically on the landing pages to boost their rankability. Likewise, we also optimized HTML structure and Google My Business to improve organic visibility and traffic.

Our SEO team also vetted the website from a UI/UX perspective to identify issues and incorporate changes that would help reduce bounce rate and increase user engagement.

Organic Traffic

Increased by

Page Views

Increased by

Bounce Rate

Decrease by


Our SEO team's efforts paid off as we were successful in helping Pragati Leadership supercharge their online presence as well as increase their SEO rankings. To be precise, 40% keywords ranked in the top 10, 30% in the top 20, and 30% keywords in the top 50. Our technical SEO strategy boosted organic traffic by 40.31%. In addition to this, the client’s website observed an 18.6% increase in page views along with a 34.43% rise in organic sessions.

They’ve provided detailed advice about how SEO works and show measurable growth SEO brings to our company.


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