The Praj Story!

Praj is an organization that holds expertise in the field of bio-based technologies and engineering. They had started off as an entrepreneurial venture but after three decades in the industry they have grown to be successful in the chemical industry and have a presence on the global map. Their humble beginnings as ethanol plant suppliers eventually led them to become a leading global brand that offers solutions for bioenergy, high purity water, critical process equipment, breweries and industrial wastewater treatment. Praj spans across 75 different countries with its headquarters in Pune.

What They Needed
From Us!

Praj is a well-known brand that caters to various countries across the globe. When they first visited website designing team they gave us an idea about their corporate culture and online objectives. By creating a new website they wished to add value to their brand by shifting the entire focus on their varied capabilities and their desire to make this world a better place. In addition to these factors they wished to augment their reach in the international market and wanted a website that consisted of an innovative design and quality content.

Plan of Action!

  • Devise a website that is in unison with their brand image and lives up to international standards.
  • Create a separate page that consists of high end photos of their manufacturing plants.
  • Improve the market stature of the client by creating an engaging brand story.
  • Change the site engineering and navigation pattern to facilitate a better site surfing experience.
  • Devise a fresh, crisp and innovative design insync with client requirements.
  • Make changes to the UI/UX for a super-smooth user experience.
  • Devise and deliver an entirely responsive web design that has WordPress CMS inculcated within it.
  • Ensure mobile responsiveness & cross browser compatibility.
  • Build a site that is secured from cyber threats.
  • Bring in organic traffic.
  • Connect with potential business prospects and engage the existing ones again.
  • Create a separate CSR activity page

The IKF difference!

To get the best results for Praj Industries the development team at IKF added the below mentioned features in the new website, have a look

  • Responsive design
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Worpress CMS
  • Prominent Call to Actions
  • Social media integration
  • Improved site architecture
  • Unique and plagiarism free web content
  • Smooth user-friendly navigation
  • An innovative & professional website design
  • Faster loading speed
  • A mobile responsive version
  • A separate CSR page

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