Ashish Dalia
CEO & Chief Business Strategist at
I Knowledge Factory Pvt Ltd

Ashish Dalia
CEO & Chief Business Strategist at
I Knowledge Factory Pvt Ltd

Unlock your business potential
with ChatGPT Creativity Lab :
Business Innovation Workshop.

Conducted at

I Knowledge Factory Pvt Ltd
  • Date : Saturday 16th Sep 23
  • Time : 3 to 5 PM

this workshop offers a hands-on experience in leveraging ChatGPT for your business.

Who Should Attend


Sales and



CXO-level Executives

Why Attend

  • Gain Practical Experience: Engage in hands-on activities with ChatGPT.
  • Networking : HighTea and interaction with like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Exclusive Community : Become part of an AI and machine learning community.
  • ROI-Oriented : Take away actionable insights for immediate implementation.



15 Minutes Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT

Business Transformation with AI

30Minutes Seizing New Opportunities

Real-World ChatGPT Applications

30 Minutes A Glimpse into the Future


30 Minutes Mastering the Art of Harnessing ChatGPT


15 Minutes Share and Gain Insights

Speaker Profile

Meet Ashish Dalia, the dynamic CEO of IKF, a renowned digital marketing and branding agency in Pune. With over two decades of experience, Ashish has been a trusted partner to industry giants like Tata, Mahindra, and Kirloskar, helping them thrive in the digital era.
What truly sets Ashish apart is his commitment to sharing his insights. He’s not just a business leader; he’s an educator. Ashish has successfully hosted workshops on ChatGPT with various forums and business cliques, making this trendy and complex tool simplified to fellow business people.
However, the most uplifting aspect is that Ashish doesn’t see himself as a guru or an expert. He’s simply a passionate explorer in the world of AI who is eager to learn and share. His journey isn’t about standing on a pedestal, it’s about walking alongside fellow business people, in a collaborative way, as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation. In a world of buzzwords and tech jargon, Ashish Dalia is a humble guide, making a profound impact one workshop at a time.
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Top 5 Takeaways

of ChatGPT's

Exclusive access
to a community of
early AI adopters.

Practical skills
in setting up
ChatGPT prompts

with industry

Actionable business
strategies for
immediate impact.

Client Testimonial

Hear the success stories that speak volumes Straight from Our Clients.

The 120-minute knowledge session with Ashish Dalia of I Knowledge Factory and Rashmi Bhattad of Think Smart on ChatGPT was superb. Their insights and wisdom are invaluable and promise lifelong benefits. Their expertise has the potential to reshape how people perceive and use information, making this session an invaluable resource for enhancing knowledge understanding and practical application.

Kunal Mantri

Eye openener session on what Al can do and what lies in future. Truly knowledge enriching session. Ashish & Rashmi, Manoj bhai & team. you are taking MIG to new heights with super sessions every month.

Prakash Bhootra

Thank you, Ashish Dalia and Rashmi Bhattad, for an enlightening session on AI's impact on decision-making. It's vital to use AI ethically. Our appreciation to Ritu for hosting, and Nilesh for support. A big thank you to all Migians for attending in large numbers; your presence made this session a success.

Manoj Behede

Manoj Behede, Ashish Dalia, Rashmi Bhattad, Nilesh Bhattad thanks a lot for an informative and highly engaging session with hands on use cases on ChatGPT. Really appreciate your insights which were more practical than theoretical.

Jugal Bhutada

It was indeed an eye-opening session demonstrating the power of Al in our day to day activities. ChatGPT along with other tools are great help in various fields of our businesses and personal lives. Al is an important pillar of INDUSTRY 4.0. Thank you, President for organizing such an Impactful event with our own experts, Ashish Ji, Rashmi Ji and Nilesh Ji.

Rahul Dhoot