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Website Hosting

There are many fun and exciting things about the online world, however, web hosting isn't one of them. For starters, it's complicated and filled with treacherous paths, but the inevitable truth is - it's the most crucial aspect of your digital presence upon which the performance and stability of your website, Email and Application depends. Our business is to safeguard your business out there on the world wide web, while you explore & dominate new territories.

Web Hosting

VPS Server

VPS server offers you the best of both worlds - the autonomy of a dedicated server and affordability of shared hosting. We provide you with a virtual fortress, highly secure and filled with dedicated resources which offer more authority, control, and flexibility. With our proactive team’s 24x7 assistance and support, there is no snag or glitch or problem of any sort that can hinder your website’s performance! Our VPS hosting solution gives you the resilience and safety you need to take your online business to the next level.


Server Management

When you got something that performs a monumental task for you, there’s no guessing that it has to be protected to the maximum extent to ensure that it continues to do its job without any hiccups. Your server is one such thing. In addition to setting up and configuring servers, our specialized web army also helps you manage your server environment. We help you with updating, troubleshooting, spam filtering, virus scanning, and upgrading so that you can focus on the important stuff!

Server Management

Server Co Location

Our elite and secure co-location services are customized to fit your specific needs. Co-location servers are best suited for clients whose servers are performing optimally but are in need of a new home. We use sophisticated technology and take comprehensive security measures to ensure that you have no downtime or latency snags to impede the performance and routine activities of your business. Our dedicated army at your disposal guarantees that your business keeps ruling in the digital world.

Server Colocation

Dedicated Servers

To share or not to share that is the question! But if you are extremely territorial about your web-space and visitor volumes, you need to think beyond shared servers. Dedicated server means a dedicated security force because as the name suggests you have a dedicated and isolated platform at your disposal. With dedicated servers, you can bid farewell to poor load times as unlike shared servers, you won't have other users hogging your resources!

Dedicated Server

App Hosting

A reliable application hosting is a must for your business application. An app is like a small but significant part of digital fortress, and that needs to be protected and maintained too. You also need an operational platform with comprehensive services that are tailored to your specific requirements down to the last detail. Whether you are a king in your domain or a warrior fighting to thrive and prosper, our robust infrastructure and expertise in business-critical software ensures optimal performance and continuous availability.

App Hosting

The IKF Solution

As we said earlier, web hosting isn't exactly an inconsequential facet of your digital life. It is of paramount importance and we think it's best to be left at the hands of those who know exactly how to deal with it. As a domain registration and web hosting company, we are lucky to have specialized troops of web hosting experts who have a knack for understanding client's needs and recommending web hosting options that will be a perfect fit for their business. In addition to all this, we also assist you with the following –

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certification
  • Email Services
  • Dedicated, high-end servers
  • Server Co Location
  • Email Server
  • Application Hosting
  • Server Management

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