Why Startups Can’t Start Right Without Digital Marketing?

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Your marketing strategy is a deciding factor in making or breaking your company. As a startup, it is in the best interest of your company to invest more on digital marketing as it is the only option to build your brand on a low budget.

Every startup aims to grow into a successful entity by spending minimum money to get maximum output, and you must be no different. Below are some tactics you can use to market your product or service digitally.


1. Focus on finding the right audience:

The primary motive of your digital marketing is to find your target audience and then keep focusing only on them. Startups that are in the first year of their operations can find their target audience by looking for the lookalike customer on Facebook as well as connecting with the customer of your competitor.

Just focus your marketing on the basis of segregating target customers according to age, region, gender, etc. for better outcomes.

2. Engagement through engaging content:

Any brand can only succeed when it provides something to fill a gap. Having a conversation with your future customers can help you to see your product in a new light, which you can then incorporate into your product to make it market-fit.

It is no secret that interesting conversations on social media will engage them and also answer their queries and discuss your product’s shortcomings for further improving it. You can organize weekly question and answer sessions using Facebook live and can also use Reddit, Quora, etc.

3. Content that appeals:

Content is king in generating brand awareness and attracting potential customers.

Content should focus on benefits than on new features. This can be done by hiring good content writers to make sure that your content is compelling enough that people will like and share.

In content marketing, you have many options of videos, info graphics, blog posts and many more to create content.

4. Email – the Marketing tool with magic:

E-mail marketing is now becoming one of the best digital marketing tools that not only promotes your start-up but also helps in generating leads cost effectively. Segregation of your target audience on the basis of demographics, purchase history and location helps in creating content to impress them – which ultimately leads to an increased click through rate.

5. A Compelling website:

The website of any startup proves crucial in generating leads for the product or service. The website must be good enough to compel your visitors to become customers.

One must know which type of website is better for your business and thus keep on improving in areas of headlines, text, color scheme, etc.

6. Hop on and register on Online Business Platforms:

Target customers who visit such portals to look for renowned brands at a single place. They also put their queries across when they don’t find the product they came there for. These portals inform them when the product becomes available. Such portals also help the registered companies on their platform to connect with their intended audience.

7. Paid Online Ads sparsely:

Nowadays, most of the social media platforms and search engines have the feature of showing paid ads on their platform which any start-up can easily afford as most of these paid ads starts with a minimum budget. You can further increase the budget according to your requirement to gain much better reach among your target audience.

Such online paid ads are paying a very better ROI for big as well as small brands. It doesn’t cost the way traditional marketing campaigns used to cost.

Finding and investing on the right platforms in which the maximum number of your target audience remains active is critical for your marketing strategy.

8. Digital Marketing Strategy of similar companies:

Any big or small startup can learn a number of business ideas by studying their market strategies and keeping a close look on every marketing move they make.

If you’re smart enough to understand your competitor’s marketing move, then you can change your own marketing strategy for better results.

Various MNC’s like Coca-Cola, Unilever, etc. have been using this tactics for centuries whenever they enter a new market. First, they study marketing tactics and products of the regional players and then mould their marketing tactics as well as their products to suit and cater to the needs of local people.

To conclude

Technology and digital marketing strategies are intertwined. One cannot function independently without the other. Today, it has become imperative to focus on a robust branding and digital marketing strategy along with launching your product or service with fanfare.

It can prove disastrous for your company if all you do is focus on marketing the product or service. So, your primary focus must be on devising strategies for better branding and digital marketing.

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