Importance of Audio Content in Digital Marketing

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When we think of digital marketing campaigns, we instantly relate them with witty text ads, powerful banners and images, and eye-catching video ads. Where does audio fit into all of this? It’s one of the oldest mediums of advertising and is now fast becoming an integral part of digital advertising.
As a leading digital marketing company in Pune, we believe audio is a special medium as it allows a consumer to consume the content without putting in much efforts. We could be cleaning our houses while listening to a radio channel and before we know it, we become engaged in a beautifully sung jingle or an interesting dialogue between 2 people, which totally gets us interested in a product. It’s a complete hands-free way of consuming content.

We are always plugged into audio!

We rely on audio more than we think we do. From music streaming apps to audiobooks, and from podcasts to intelligent voice-assistants, there are a plethora of digital platforms that keep us engaged via audio content. We consume a lot of content through the audio medium and listen to a lot of ads and promotions. Since it’s a hands-free way of staying engaged, we are very accepting of anything that goes into our ears and we barely feel the urge to skip an ad, like we do in videos. It happens in a very passive way but is still quite effective. Hearing is a powerful way for our brains to retain important or interesting information. And that’s why we love listening to something or the other (music, radio, podcasts) while we are doing a regular activity or doing our chores.

Designing audio content

Audio is the only medium people can engage with while doing something else at the same time. This way, a lot of content can be delivered to target customers, if the content is developed with a proper strategy and in the right context. The best part about audio ads, is that marketers have the option to make the content so integrated and seamless, that the listener doesn’t even feel the interruption of the ad. That’s a golden opportunity! Audio content is one the most powerful lead generation tools a marketer can design. This is a core part of our digital marketing services in India.

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That being said, let’s take a look at various types audio content used across digital media;

1. Recorded spots:

These are pre-recorded ads that are run across a variety of digital audio platforms. They can also be developed for a specific channel, show, or playlist, and can include a clickable visual for digital screens, leading interested users to the product webpage. Like traditional radio ad spots, many music streaming services, digital radio and audio platforms follow the standard ad lengths such as 15, 30, or 60 seconds.

2. Native ads:

This is a type of promotion mostly done in podcasts where the host or the anchor personally reads out the ads for their viewers. The length can vary depending on the type of deal between the marketer and the organizer. Although, the impact of the ad is driven by the personality of the host reading it. It is up to him/her to make the ad sound as intriguing and engaging as possible. A clickable link to the product can be given in the description or comments section of the podcast.

3. Branded channels or playlists:

This is a type of sponsorship wherein a music streaming service goes into a deal with the advertiser, to create branded music playlists and channels as per the brand name. It can also include on-screen visuals for product displays. As an SEO expert in India, we believe every digital marketer should leverage music streaming apps for maximum SEO results.

4. Sponsored podcasts:

On digital platforms, everything happens instantly. Once your ads are ready, just click the button and your ads are everywhere. They are viewable on every device and every platform, at the very moment you publish them. This way, people can start responding to them right away and can spread them very quickly from one platform to another.

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