An ear for social media can result in years of loyal brand following. The social media battle has heated up in the last couple of years. When it comes to a cut-throat and crowded sector like FMCG – a sector with more than 50 Indian brands and several more International ones – finding a social media marketing company in India for FMCG becomes a totally no-compromise factor.

Too many choices, too little attention span:

In a sector bursting at the seams, it is no secret that social media for the food industry can make a huge difference to start swinging the pendulum towards your brand. The myriad of choices that the sector offers to its customers make it hard for them to choose. That is why many end up reading reviews on social media before making a purchase. And that is precisely why the influence of social media cannot be overstated.

Conversations at a click:

Consumers today share their views and experiences towards a brand with just a click. These insights can prove to be priceless for marketers. This wealth of information can immensely help a brand towards gaining an understanding to come up with better products, services and marketing strategies. What’s trending in the market at any point of time, the most talked about product features, the gender that the product is popular with, are just some of the things that can inspire product redesign and services rethink – which can contribute towards enhanced brand likeability.

Find, connect and share:

Twenty or thirty years earlier, there were conversations between people sharing their shopping and product or service experiences, but it used to happen between individuals interacting on a one to one basis. Today, through social media, we can do the same but with a much, much bigger platform. What media-savvy marketers do now is to first find the right audience for their product or service before connecting with them, and then share intriguing content to keep them hooked and talking – creating awareness and likeability with interesting brand conversations.


Community conversations:

Creating, building and maintaining virtual communities are essential for brands, especially in the FMCG sector, to have a loyal customer base. To do that marketers must, through market research, find out what appeals to their customers and go about ‘learning their language’ and keep connecting by uploading and sharing content that they can relate to. Being one of the preferred Facebook marketing company in Pune, we believe Whether it’s Facebook itself or Twitter or Instagram or any other popular platform, brands today retain their vibrancy by creating large communities through innovative campaigns and contests – by creating interesting conversations to constantly up the visibility meter to an all-time high.

Learning from the competition:

Digging into the competitions’ presence and strategy can give a brand an edge to stay on top. Keeping track of their online manoeuvres – can throw light on their product and service strategies, their offers and campaigns, how they manage their customer relations, popular topics trending in the company etc. These give companies an insight about the competitions’ strengths and weaknesses, empowering them realign themselves every day.

Open ear and an open mind:

Easy as it might be to make the reputation of a brand today, social media can also be the cause for breaking the image of a brand easily. A harsh view by a customer could go viral and damage the brand in a day. Marketers need to be doubly alert about what people are talking of the brand in order to rectify any negative connotations pronto. They also need to have a flexible attitude and mindset to make any changes to put the brand on track. For this to happen though, the TAT or turn-around time is critical for marketers to stay on top.

Whatever sector your brand belongs to, the ever-increasing importance of social media cannot be over emphasized. To know more about how social media can help your brand gain momentum, please feel free to connect with IKF for the best social media marketing services in India at: 8888866110 or email us on

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