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We are a group of valiant digital fighters who know perfectly how to put their strengths and skills to the best use, and make the kingdom proud. We believe in fighting the good fight against sub-standard creative work and inefficient practices in today’s digital landscape. Our empire heaves and breathes on the creative craziness of our digital warriors. We just love doing things in a fun way and discovering smarter fun-da’s to stay ahead. Our works are our prized possessions and our achievements are our royal treasures. We are a bunch of creative zealots, disciplined like soldiers and trained like gladiators, ready to break new barriers and wow the audiences.
Whether you are a veteran warrior or an aspiring beginner, we welcome you to join our digital army!

Work Culture

Keeping our creative blades sharp and edgy is our vibrant work culture. As the morning chai gets us stomping towards our daily agendas, our slow brewing creative blabber creates a surreal and comforting atmosphere which keeps us going in full-force.
To add fuel to the fire, there’s always some gossip!
When it comes to drawing inspiration, anything that catches our attention works for us. Books, movies, pathetic memes… whatever floats our boat becomes our new favourite.
While work is our first passion, life is also celebrated to the fullest. We have cracked an optimal balance between work and life, and this is how we intend to win all our digital battles.
We would love for you to experience the raw fun and madness of being a part of the IKF army.

Employee Testimonials

Gunjan Bhansali

Gunjan Bhansali

Strategic HR
She was hired to hire the best in town, and she does it diligently. She finds immense joy in establishing personal kinship with each employee and helps them outshine with her smart task delegations.
Anirudh Bhosle

Anirudh Bhosle

Sr. Business Analyst
A lead team player and a universal go getter can best describe Anirudh. His vigour, passion and an unsurmountable spirit for the client pitches, creates an impressive clout among his teammates.
Vikas Dabade

Vikas Dabade

Sr. Software Engineer
Vikas is a programming mastermind who literally lives a coder’s life. Apart from his smart coding solutions, he makes sure to lighten up the office ambience with his conquering smile and witty jokes at times.
Gunjan Bhansali
Anirudh Bhosle
Vikas Dabade


Every master was once just an aspiring young warrior. We at IKF believe that investing in the army of young is the best thing we can do to ensure a sustainable digital future. We started our journey with lots and lots of struggles, and today we are sharing our experiences with young passionate individuals through our intern workshops. We teach them what it would take to comprehend the complexities of the digital era, and prepare for a fruitful battle. Along with that, we help them understand the corporate work culture and teach them about good practices to be followed, in order to work harmoniously and produce impactful results.