Perks of Being Associated With a Google Partner

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Benefits of being associated with a Google Partner

Have you ever come across the Google Partner badge on the website of a digital marketing agency? Well, chances are, you have, because qualifying to be a Google Partner is what every digital marketing agency is vying for today. So, are there any benefits of a Google Partner status? How does working with a Google partner make a difference to you, as a client, and to your business?
What is the Google Partner Program?
The Google Partner program is for digital marketing agencies who qualify as having a sound knowledge of Google products, a sizeable client base and a consistent track record of success. Advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals can also be a part of this program.
Earning the status of a Google Partner is a tough nut to crack. The agency is required to clear difficult tests to acquire Google certifications, undergo intensive scrutiny at regular intervals, meet specific spend requirements across managed client accounts over a period of 90 days as a proof for a certain amount of activity, and also imply best practices in client accounts as recommended by the search engine giant.
Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency
Digital marketing is witnessing a boom which has led to the emergence of thousands of digital marketing firms worldwide. The rapidly evolving market witnesses new tools and features being introduced every other day. So, does your agency have the latest know-how to provide the most relevant and effective solutions for your business? This can be a tough call for the client but thankfully, there’s Google to your rescue!
We all know that Google is the market leader when it comes to the Web, and so a Google Partner badge means a lot, as it provides you the much-needed assurance that the agency you’re hiring has the desired knowledge, expertise and experience to help you with the needs of your business in the best possible way.
So, let’s have a quick look at how you can stand to gain as you choose to work with a Google Partner agency.

  1. You Get to Work with Certified Professionals

Google Partner agencies have employees who are certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords, which means they are genuine experts in their respective fields. What’s more, the regulations for the Google Partner program demand current certifications, so be rest assured that the people you work with are aware of the latest updates and how to use them to benefit your business.

2. You Get Access to Masters of AdWords

It is mandatory for every Google Partner to have employees who are well versed in each and every feature that Google AdWords has to offer that would benefit businesses. When you choose to work with a Google Partner agency, your business stands to gain from the expertise.

3. You Get an Edge above the Competition

One of the biggest perks of being a Google Partner is that they get exclusive access to beta versions of Google features and applications. Google Partners can test and use them to their clients’ benefit for up to a year before the official launch. This can prove to be a huge competitive advantage when you’re working with a Google Partner because your business can take advantage of features that are yet not available to the general public.

4. You Don’t Have to Wait for Issues to be Resolved

Google Partner agencies are granted personal access to the Google support team that they can get in touch with for support whenever their clients face any issues. So, working with a Google Partner will save you time even in case there are issues or problems that need immediate attention. Since time is money, the clients of Google Partners are definitely at an advantage.

5. You Get Nothing but the Best

In order to maintain Google Partner status, agencies have to work a lot. In addition to taking tests at regular intervals for acquiring current certifications in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Search, Display, Mobile Marketing, and more, Google Partners are also required to attend free seminars conducted by the Google team to brush up on their knowledge about the latest happenings in the digital marketing world. In case they fail to adhere to these requirements, their Google Partner status no longer stands valid. So when you work with a Google Partner, you can be absolutely certain that your agency is updated and uses the latest PPC strategies to maximize profits for your business.
Every Google Partner is required to follow best practices as recommended by Google. In addition to that, they are also encouraged by Google to experiment with various elements of AdWords and other Google products to work towards innovative concepts.
So, no matter what, given a choice, you should always go ahead with a Google Partner company for the online marketing requirements of your business. After all, the badge is a symbol of trust and says a lot about the expertise of the agency in question.

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