The Client

The client is a global non-profit organisation that spreads healthcare awareness and strives to deliver quality health content to people in Indian languages. For this, the client uses one of the most popular and accessible sources of information on the Internet, to spread the health information most relevant to Indian audiences. The idea behind the concept is to help Indian users fluent in various Indian languages apart from English with genuine medical and health-related content on the Internet


IKF’s social media marketing campaign showed a magnificent impact on the client’s social media platforms. Following is the snippet:




Total Engagement


New Likes

These social media statistics stand testimony to the success of IKF’s social media marketing campaigns for the healthcare awareness client. Our SMM team put out engaging COVID-related content with authentic information as a result of which it was shared by hundreds of people on their own social media handles, thus leading to the right information reaching everybody at the right time.

Key Takeaways

Our SMM campaigning and strategy were evidently successful as we were able to achieve an amazing growth of 12.46K% on Facebook page likes and 9.76% on Twitter reach over a period of only three months.

  • Our creatives reached a total of 8.5 lakh people and were shared by around 2,000 people enabling the client to achieve their objective to spread COVID-related information at a critical time to help thousands of people.

Our Campaign Snippets


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