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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker

In the interlinked and intertwined world of today, social media platforms offer a singular chance to highlight our brand values, interact with our audience, and build a flourishing community. As the CEO of IKF, one of India’s top social media marketing companies, I am aware of the need of creating a solid organisational culture on social media.

This blog is an attempt from my end to put forth some of my own ideas on how to develop and maintain a company’s culture on social media.

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Company’s Brand Building

We, at IKF, understand how critical it is to build our brand on social media. Here are some methods we use to create an appealing brand image for our organisation:

1. Authenticity

  • We frequently share anecdotes and experiences that showcase the company’s actual people, the real talent behind our exceptional results.
  • We also use interesting content highlighting the company’s guiding principles, mission, and vision and share the same on our social media handles.
  • To establish a genuine relationship with our audience, we encourage staff members to express their opinions and success stories on various social media platforms.

2. Support for Employees

  • At IKF, we encourage staff members to contribute regularly to the company’s social media presence.
  • To share corporate updates, achievements, and insights, we regularly give them directions and resources.
  • To increase their sense of belonging, we acknowledge and value the contributions they make both internally and externally.
company's culture on social media

Making Viral Content for Social Media

Beyond publishing promotional information, creating an organisation culture on social media is also important. It involves producing content that appeals to our target audience and is, at the same time, captivating and shareable too. Here’s how we do it #TheIKFWay:

1. Building Emotional Links

  • We consistently create narratives that appeal to our readers’ emotions so that sincere connections can be established.
  • Furthermore, we also share behind-the-scenes anecdotes, team triumphs, and motivational tales that illustrate the core principles of our business.
  • To increase the impact of our content, our social media marketing team uses visuals like photos and videos.

2. Running Engaging Contests and Challenges

  • By holding contests, challenges and competitions that complement our company culture, we strive to promote user-generated content on our social media handles.
  • For our brand promotion campaigns, we come up with original hashtags to increase user engagement and visibility.
  • To encourage participation and promote a sense of community, we provide enticing incentives and awards for our audience as well.

Common Ideas for IKF's Social Media Campaigns

We, at IKF, create innovative social media campaigns that represent our corporate values to establish a solid organisational culture on social media. Here are some campaigns, which we have been running consistently:

Employee-driven Initiatives

  • We promote employee leadership in social impact programmes that are consistent with the principles of our business.
  • To motivate others, we also provide updates on employee efforts, development, impact on the business, and their individual successes on social media.

Employee+Company Branding on Social Media

Building a good organisational culture on social media can be considerably aided by empowering employees to act as brand ambassadors of the company. Here’s how we, at IKF, do it:

1. Guidelines and Training

  • To inform staff of IKF’s social media policies and best practices, we conduct regular training sessions for our employees to keep them updated.
  • We also equip them with the knowledge and abilities required to successfully represent the organisation on different forums and before the clients.

2. Employee Takeovers

  • We permit our staff members to interact with various internal departments, collaborate with them, and post their observations on social media.
  • We also encourage them to engage with our social media audience, offer their ideas, and share their experiences.

We, at IKF, are aware of how effective social media marketing can be in creating a positive workplace culture. Let us assist you in maximising the power of social media marketing for your business. 

Connect with IKF, the top social media marketing company in India, and let’s work together to build a strong online community for your business!

Ashish Dalia - CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist
About Ashish Dalia

Ashish Dalia is the CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist at I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd.

Ashish Dalia - CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist
About Ashish Dalia

Ashish Dalia is the CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist at I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd.

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