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As a business website owner, did you know that your call-to-action statements, commonly known as CTAs, actually hold the key to catching more leads?

CTAs may be in the form of statements, pop-up messages, or even buttons, which prompt visitors to take the desired action on your website, thus further even fueling your conversion metre.

Visit any website and you’ll see that most CTAs contain the same, old, boring content that you come across on every other website—click here, visit us, call us, etc. The problem is they are so apt, precise, and easy to understand that we rarely think of being more creative with them to make them more interesting.

If you ask me, I would prefer associating with a business that thinks differently than the others. And believe it or not, the creativeness you show in your CTAs does catch attention.

But the moot question is—where do we start? How to be innovative while writing effective CTAs? Here are a few pointers to consider!

1. Perfect placement pays

How you place your CTAs on your website is of vital importance and equally challenging. If you ace this. 50% of your work is done.

A common pattern seen in most Internet users is that they read any web content in F pattern. That is to say that the content in the top-left corner is more likely to catch their attention than the one at bottom right. Capitalise on this.

Quick Tip: Use the Heat Map is Google Analytics to track user activity on your website. Place CTAs at places where you find maximum engagement. If you find this too technical and need assistance, IKF can help. Ring us at +91 88888 66110 to book a complimentary consulting session.

2. Too many, too less

Just as you shouldn’t be erratic while placing CTAs, you should also be careful about how many of them you are placing on each landing page.

The main purpose of CTAs is to increase the chances of getting clicks, not decrease them. If you swarm your landing page with too many CTAs, they will only overwhelm and confuse your visitors, and make them suffer from choice paralysis. The result—reduced number of clicks.

Quick Tip: Don’t use more than two CTAs on a single landing page for a better user experience. But if your page is content-heavy, you can use up to three. Make sure these are prompting the users to take different actions or the same action in different ways and also are in different forms.

3. Appeal to customer emotions

People are more likely to click on CTAs if they see some kind of gain from taking that action. Therefore, appealing to their emotions is vital while creating innovative CTAs.

Most people these days suffer from an emotion called “Fear of Losing Out”, commonly known as FoMO. Create CTAs to benefit from this emotion.

Quick Tip: Offer freebies—free subscriptions, free trials, free assessments, etc., so people can use your product free-of-cost for a limited time. This does help to increase conversions.

4. Word your CTAs wisely

If you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t use the CTAs you commonly find everywhere. Get your creative juices flowing and show your potential customers that you truly are different from the rest.

Get creative with the choice of words and the entire thought process itself. Instead of “subscribe now”, you can say something like, “Light up your inbox”, or instead of “call us”, you can say “Drop us a line”.

Quick Tip: To get effective content written for your CTAs and the entire website, seek help from external content marketing agencies such as IKF. They can provide you with expert advice and impactful results.

5. Enhance the visual quotient for better visibility

You have your CTA content ready, you know where to place them on the page, but how will you make sure that your visitors are easily able to spot them? A common answer may be pop-ups, but too many pop-ups may spoil the whole game. So, what do you do?

Make your CTAs stand out. Create CTA buttons with catchy colours so that they get noticed easily. If you’re using CTA statements, either use a different font colour and/or make the text bold to catch attention. Add hyperlinks to such statements.

Quick Tip: For your CTAs, try to use colours from your brand palette, which will add a professional touch and invite more clicks.

To sum up, CTAs are vital elements for any website and can go a long way in building customer relationships.

There is a very fine line between a conversion and a lost lead, and a powerful call-to-action occupies the very edge of that line. That’s why we need to chalk out thoughtful strategies and be innovative while creating CTAs.

I Knowledge Factory (IKF) is an end-to-end digital marketing company that can help you create impactful CTAs to enhance your conversion ratio. To learn how, ring us up at +91 88888 66110 or write to us at now!

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Ashish Dalia - CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist
About Ashish Dalia

Ashish Dalia is the CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist at I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd.

Ashish Dalia - CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist
About Ashish Dalia

Ashish Dalia is the CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist at I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd.

Web Development Services in Pune