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As a manufacturing company, you may have faced particular difficulties when using SEO to drive traffic to your website. Our clients in the manufacturing and industrial sectors frequently come to I Knowledge Factory, the leading SEO Company in Pune with websites that aren’t receiving enough traffic from organic searches.

SEO for manufacturing

Many times our observation is that these companies don’t follow the best SEO practices for manufacturing. They typically lack a strong foundation in technical, off-page, and/or on-page SEO.

So, if you are facing the same problem, worry not. You’ve come to the right place which can provide the perfect lead generation for manufacturers. In this article, we’ll explore the nitty-gritty of industrial SEO and how it can impact lead generation.

What is SEO for the Manufacturing Industry?

The goal of SEO in the manufacturing industry is to increase the company’s exposure in organic search results, such as those found on Google or Bing. Specific technical, off-page, and on-page SEO strategies including link building, content creation, and keyword research are implemented in this process.

Why is SEO crucial for manufacturers?

Because consumers and corporate customers use search engines to research, analyse, and resolve issues. Whether it’s locating a machine, part, or supply chain solution, search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial for manufacturers.

If your online presence isn’t optimised, rivals are gaining the following advantages over you:

  • Website Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Revenue Growth

For this essential reason, manufacturing firms must employ search engine optimisation.

Lead Generation for Manufacturers with SEO

Incorporating the best SEO practices for manufacturing in your marketing efforts can significantly boost lead generation. By ranking higher in search results, attracting organic traffic, and nurturing leads with valuable content, you can convert website visitors into qualified leads and ultimately, loyal customers.

Lead Generation in SEO

Here are the benefits:

Increased Website Traffic: Gain more qualified leads by achieving higher rankings for the keywords searched for more often.

Improved Brand Awareness: Take advantage of the high visibility of your brand in the manufacturing industry and entrench yourself as a trustworthy brand.

Higher Conversion Rates: Driving interested website visitors into leads via targeted landing pages and call to action (CTA).

Measurable Results: Monitor the efficacy of your SEO initiatives and prove the ROI by using various analytics tools and lead tracking devices.

In numbers: Impact of SEO in manufacturing

  • 57% of B2B marketers view SEO as the top lead generation strategy, according to Gitnux.
  • Imforza reports that 75% of internet users never venture beyond the first page of search results.
  • Industrial Sage notes that 79% of manufacturers have an SEO strategy, with 68% incorporating link building.
  • HubSpot’s research reveals that 84% of those looking for manufacturing services start their search online.
  • Google found that B2B buyers conduct around 12 searches before engaging with a brand.
  • Industrial Sage’s data from 2022 indicates that organic traffic accounts for 69% of leads in the manufacturing sector.

Let’s take the example of one of our clients, a leading manufacturer of cable trays in India. Through in-depth keyword research, IKF identified relevant search terms that the potential customers might use. Here are some examples:

  • Wire mesh cable tray manufacturer
  • Perforated cable tray manufacturer
  • Ladder cable tray manufacturer
  • Cable tray manufacturer

By optimising its website content and targeting these relevant keywords, IKF increased its website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) for searches related to cable trays.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) for the manufacturing industry is a strategic action put in place to increase visibility, attract targeted leads and generate healthy business growth. By adopting the best SEO practices, improving your website for the search engine, and using our lead generation strategies, your manufacturing business will be equipped to thrive in today’s digital platforms.

If you are in search of the most professional SEO services in Pune, catering to the manufacturing industry, contact IKF, your go-to SEO company in India. Let us get you to the next level of industrial SEO while having a real business impact.


1. How does Manufacturing SEO differ from traditional SEO?

Manufacturing SEO focuses on industry-specific keywords, technical optimisation for industrial websites, and targeting a niche audience interested in manufacturing services or products. Traditional SEO is broader and encompasses a wide range of keywords and topics relevant to various industries and sectors.

2. What are some common SEO challenges faced by manufacturing companies?

Some common SEO challenges faced by manufacturing companies include competition from large brands, complex technical products and services that are hard to explain, limited content resources, and targeting niche keywords with lower search volumes.

3. Is content marketing essential for Manufacturing SEO?

Yes, content marketing is essential for Manufacturing SEO as it helps educate and engage the target audience, improves website visibility, and enhances search engine rankings by targeting industry-specific keywords and topics.

4. What role does user experience (UX) play in Manufacturing SEO?

User experience (UX) plays a crucial role in Manufacturing SEO by influencing website engagement, bounce rates, and conversion rates. A good UX improves visitor satisfaction, encourages longer time spent on the site, and increases the likelihood of users exploring more pages and taking desired actions, such as filling out a contact form or requesting a quote.

Ashish Dalia - CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist
About Ashish Dalia

Ashish Dalia is the CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist at I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd.

Ashish Dalia - CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist
About Ashish Dalia

Ashish Dalia is the CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist at I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd.